2006-12-03 18:14:33
by Anonymous www.ucdmsa.com
Great work on the putting up video! Can't wait to see the entire thing.

2006-12-05 12:57:37
by Anonymous www.ucdcollegelife.org
thanks for uploading this!

2006-12-06 22:09:39
by Anonymous www.ucdmsa.com
Awesome awesome awesome!!!

2006-12-11 10:09:48
by Christian
Im a Christian and I even admit that the Christian dude lost!

2006-12-12 15:14:54
by Jose
Christian dude was rude!

2006-12-22 19:00:17
by Andrew
I'm very impressed by the muslim dude. oh man, I gotta go do some reading. Some interesting points were brought up. Thanks for the videos!

2006-12-25 17:29:48
by Anonymous http://www.goldenagconsultant.com
salaam how come the videos aren't working? you press play and either they don't work at all or they start but then stop working?

2007-01-01 12:03:59
by Marc
"Im a Christian and I even admit that the Christian dude lost!" <BR> Ok...if I posted a comment like "I'm a Muslim and I even admit that the Muslim dude lost" would that carry any weight? If you're going to say either one or the other person lost, you've got to tell us why you think they lost. How do I even know you are really a Christian? Please tell us your points so we know why you think the Christian lost the debate...

2007-04-18 13:52:49
by Sunil sunil_mt{.at.}rediffmail.com
When Licona pointed out the lack of religious freedom, Apostaty etc in Islam, Ali Ataie wanted to call it 'political' as if that removes the problem of impracticality and the negation of God's creation of free moral/rational creatures as per Islam. It is amazing how many times we see Old Testamanet quoted to show some kind of resemblance in specific instances, but OT civil law was meant only for Ancient theocratic Israel and not outside - there was never a instuction to establish theocracy outside Israel and Jesus was clear about separation of kingdom of God and Kingdom of ceaser (even in OT, people at least have the technical option of moving outside Israel which was a small group for a specific purpose). In contrast, the islamic goal of establishng Islamic theocracy across the globe, with its laws against religious fredom, Apostaty, subjugation of minority, anti-human rights, suppression of women etc it is a big problem that negates the idea of applicablity of Muhammad's message - it negates God's creation and basic humanity.

2007-05-09 21:40:26
by X
licona is right, while licona argues for his case, all ali did was to poke holes at liconas arguement rather than trying to him up his own case, and all his rebutes were based on teh same things, taking verses out of context, only selecting sertain sayings while negleccting others, qouting from gnostic gospels, "q" , thomas etc which is accepted by scholars to be unreliable. licona on teh other hand had based his arguement on historical facts

2007-07-19 08:07:04
by It is match. It is match.
It is match.

2007-11-25 00:42:41
by Mike
haha the christian was the only one to build a case.

2007-11-25 00:43:24
by Gnostic www.gnosticteachings.org
view www.gnosticteachings.org

2007-12-04 09:55:56
by Brian
lol I find it funny that the Muslim tried to use gnostic sources to explain early Christianity, when clearly the gnostics believed that Jesus was God. Otherwise they would not have invented Docetism, the belief that Jesus was God, therefore, he did not exist as a physical being, but only appeared to do so. This is a self-refuting argument.

2007-12-21 19:14:10
by Omar almao{.at.}gmx.de
Allah bless You Brothers.

2008-01-06 04:12:57
by Sammy dvapplication{.at.}yahoo.com
I like both debaters we must give them a lot of credit, but when 80% of the priests who specialize on Christianity tell us they believe Jesus(PBUH) was not resurrected in the same way we are told in the Bible? It comes to mind who's more knowledgable than them. Peace

2008-07-15 15:35:10
by You Guys are DELUSIONAL haha{.at.}YOURgod.com
look at all these theists bicker about who's god is stronger .. please think outside the box. oh no now i have christians AND muslims against me .. team up guys! THEISTS UNITE! lol.

2008-10-19 05:29:07
by EyesWideOpen
"...Make sure you aren't dealing with extremists...." <BR> Oh the irony!! The Muslims Students Associated is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood of North America (the same Muslim Brotherhood that is behind the founding of al-Qaida, the same Muslim Brotherhood whom Sayyid Qutb was a member of). <BR> Read in there own words how the Muslim Brotherhood has been seeking to destroy Western civilization, and how they identify the Muslim Students Association as an ally in this goal <BR> http://ctstudies.com/Documents/Muslim_Brotherhood_Strategic_Goals.pdf

2008-10-19 21:28:37
by Disapointed
As usual the Muslim debater can't stay on topic, and can't respect the historical method. <BR> Ataie's whole argument can be summed up as "the Quran says so". He offers NO historical alternative or refutations of the facts. All he can bring is one lonely Ayah of the Quran, and an argument about canonisity & conspiracy theories, which is COMPLETELY off topic. <BR> It was almost as if Ataie decided the debate was about a different topic entirely!

2010-01-04 10:06:34
by jason
your a nugget

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